Hi people, my name is John Brown and this is the third part of my blog, where I am writing about the artists I meet and how they affect my life, this article was dedicated to an amazing singer Bera, who I met in New York and then how he invited me and some of his fans to visit his home country Georgia, where he has been performing for years before he came to New York. In the previous chapter I was sharing my impressions about the capital city of Georgia Tbilisi, the city where the aristocratic architecture of the old ages meets the architecture of the Soviet Union, the part of which Georgia had been for 70 years, from 1921 to 1991. Tbilisi is a very interesting place for tourists too, it has a very rich history and is attractive to anyone who likes to travel.
Apart from meeting Bera and getting to know his life, I was interested in researching the Georgian Hip-hop sphere, how was it evolving and what problems do Georgian rappers have on the course of their careers, but first I want to tell you about how I met Bera in Tbilisi and how he introduced us to his home country.

On the second day of arrival Bera invited us to his home, where he introduced us to his family, he says that his parents are the best people in his life, because they support him on every step of his journey and the success he has been able to achieve for now is greatly because of the contribution of Beras parents, he recalls that his mother and father were always there to support him in his every action and the fact that Bera continues to achieve success in his home country and in America too is because of his parents. Bera showed us his recording studio, which is situated in his house, when we came to Georgia, Bera was in the process of creating another album, in which he collaborated with other Georgian rappers and when we stepped into his recording studio, the artists were already working on the album. An interesting part of Bera that I forgot to mention is his ability to play on multiple instruments, from the very childhood he was interested in playing various instruments and by now he plays very well on the guitar, piano and drums. Bera is artistically a very advanced person, one can think that being a hip-hop artist doesn’t involve anything more than bass treble and lyrics, which is very common in nowadays mainstream hip-hop industry, artists are satisfied with the little work that they put in their songs, because they know that people will still listen to them and in the end it seems that a good artist only needs a good producer and an auto tune, but it is not the case in Beras music, he tries to enrich his music by adding different instruments to the songs, as he says it gives his music a more complex and diverse feeling. On the day we were watching Bera make music he was recording himself
playing on a guitar so he could add it to one of his songs.

Visiting Bera and seeing other Georgian hip-hop artist in the recording studio made me even more happy than I was, because I could interview them and understand the pros and cons of Georgian hip-hop industry, because this guys were the heart of hip-hop. I asked them about the situation of hip-hop in Georgia, and they said that though the situation of hip-hop was bad in circa 2000 year, after that things started to change slowly but firmly, before the second millennium Georgia had practically no hip-hop artists in the country, the industry was struggling to survive, but you know that hip-hop is the genre of struggling people, it was emerged in the same way in U.S.A and that is exactly what happened in Georgia, people started talking about the problems they had in their lives, about how they were living in poverty and how the education system was practically disabled in their country, that evoked a whole new generation of children who listened to hip-hop and wanted to be like people they listened to, Bera is one of those, he recalls listening to Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG and imagining that he was like them, those little dreams led them to start their own careers and for now the industry of rap is expanding and starting to involve more and more people, whether it be rappers or young people who listen to them. I was very happy listening to them because I knew that a good era was coming to Georgian hip-hop scene and there would be a lot of outstanding artist like Bera on the music scene.



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